We Value our Culture


Fairness is always looking for the win-win solution. We see it by calling out unfairness, by working out problems in a way that is fair to all, and by ensuring that no one is left out to dry. We live it by being transparent, by showing that we have nothing to hide, by taking into account other people’s values and points of view, and by being considerate in all situations.


Reliability is doing what we say we’re going to do when we say we’re going to do it. We see it by people having confidence in our ability to deliver, when we trust each other and we are trusted. We live it by doing what we say we’ll do, by making commitments and delivering on them, by setting clear expectations, and by communicating our progress.


Commitment is seeing things through to the end. We see it by never giving up, by being proud of the work we do, and by not being satisfied until it gets done. We live it by displaying passion about the work we do, by coming in early and staying late if we need to, by running the gauntlet, and by living out “all for one and one for all.”


Learning is the thirst for knowledge and the desire to continuously improve. We see it by being the best at what we do, by being the “go to guys” for the answers, by having a reputation for knowing, by learning from past mistakes and never making the same mistake twice. We live it out by asking questions, by sharing what we’ve learned, by being vulnerable and admitting when we don’t know something, by reading, and by taking the time to reflect and learn from our experience.


Teamwork is coming together and nullifying each other’s weaknesses and compounding each other’s strengths. We see it by being more than the sum of our parts, by the high degree of trust we feel, by never feeling alone, by winning as a team and losing as a team, and by the resonance we experience with our team, clients, and partners. We live it by offering to help, by being passionate about sharing our knowledge, by spending time together, and by wanting to work together.


Fun is not taking ourselves too seriously and enjoying our time together. We see this by enjoying being part of the RapidMind community, by high employee retention, by spending time with clients outside of work, by a lack of hierarchy and tons of laughs, by inside jokes, company trips, and awesome laptops. We live this out by being open and honest with each other, by playing together, and by constantly looking for opportunities to have fun together.

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